September 2018 Newsletter

mice to meet you

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our new families joining playgroup this term. We hope you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to start the new term. We have a lot of information to give you in this newsletter so please read it carefully. 
The first six weeks of term are dedicated to getting everyone settled in and happy. We also make lots of observations during this time to see what everyone has achieved so far and already we have noticed how much taller and more mature our returning children have become. 

Our Playgroup team 
Susan – Manager          Lisa – Deputy Manager  Anne-Marie Admin
Sarah, George, Nikita, Sam, Amy and Lucy

We follow these session times 
Mornings 8.30 am – 11.30am       afternoons 11.45am – 2.45 pm 
Full day session 8.30 – 2.30 pm (healthy packed lunch needed – sandwich, yogurt and a piece of fruit, drink) 
Please note late collection fees apply.  £10 – up to the first 15 Mins/£20 – 15mins to 30mins and so on.

Things to remember  
To sign your child in and out each day, indicating time of arrival and pick up time and your signature. It is required by the licensing. 
Inform us of any changes in contact details, collection arrangements or changes at home which may unsettle your child 
Please label clothing 
Please ensure your child brings a waterproof coat to playgroup, as all children are given the option to play outside, whatever the weather, at every session. 
Parents are reminded not to send their child to playgroup in their best clothes as we do a lot of ‘messy’ play. Please put your child’s name on coats, lunch boxes, bags, cardigans, jumpers, etc. 

Pre-school Routines: 
Well done to all the children that are new to us this term. They are settling really well and are learning many of the pre-school rules and routines. Thank you also to the parents/grandparents/carers for being patient at the end of the sessions whilst we ensure each child is carefully matched up to their owner. Please can we ask you to wait in reception area so we can encourage the children to stay on the carpet until we call their name.

Old birthday cards.
If anyone has had a birthday recently please can you bring in your old cards so the children can practice using scissors and so we can make some lovely pictures using glue.

Autumn term  5th September – 19th October 1 week off back 29th October