March 2020 Newsletter

mice to meet you

The playgroup sessions are mornings 8.30am to 11.30am. 
Full day sessions 8.30am – 2.30pm
Afternoon sessions 11.45am – 2.45 pm
If you could collect at 11.25 to 11.30 in a morning and after 2.25pm for full day and afternoon sessions 

At these times the staff will have the children ready to go home and can speak to parents if needed. 

If you need to collect earlier please let us know. 

Please ensure you let us know if your child is unable to attend 

Ring or text – mobile 07549607083 or 0161 799 5726 

Please label

Can you please label your child’s bag, coat, drink bottles and lunch boxes. All scarves, hats and gloves must also be named. Also, please can you put a set of spare clothes in their bags. We are enjoying all the messy/water/craft activities we are doing.

2 year progress checks

As part of the eyes we are required to complete a development check on all 2 year olds attending our setting, once they are settled in. This term many of you will be asked to come and have a chat to see how your child is doing and to discuss next steps to further enhance their learning and development.


We love to hear if your child has achieved anything significant in their development. A supply of wow bubbles are always on the board near then signing in sheet for you to use. Example showing an awareness of being soiled or needing toilet. 

Toilet Training

If your child is ready for toileting then please ensure they have a pull up on with underwear or just underwear and provide spare clothes. Please help at home with washing and drying hands thanks. 

Corridor coat area

We are increasingly aware that as we welcome more children to the setting this area is getting very busy at drop off. Also please can parents not go into the rooms as we are trying to get the children school ready. If your child is confident at going in please help get your child’s name, photo apple and try and encourage independence.

Easter term

We break up on the Friday 3rd April at 2.45pm and return Monday 20thth April at 8.30am.