January 2020 Newsletter

mice to meet you

Dear Parents & Carers

The Playgroup team welcome you all back to a New Year and New Term. As well as welcoming back familiar faces we also have new children starting as well.

The first few weeks when a child is settling in are a crucially important time to their later happiness. All children are individual and while some will adjust fairly easily to the new environment and new routines others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure. 

Keeping in touch with the setting

We have a Mice to Meet you page, please like us on Facebook. Please can you write a review as well.

The landline number is 0161 799 5726 mobile 07549607083

Please send us a text if your child is not going to be attending.

Wow Moments

The staff regularly make observations on your child. We welcome all input from parents/carers and would love to hear about any Wow! Moments you or they may want to share. Please send any pictures of exciting tasks your child does at the weekend so we can print off and put in their learning journey.


Nursery fees need to be paid on your child’s first session of the week.   Also since we have been open for 5 years our fees have never increased. Due to the increase in overheads from the 24th Feb fees for AM/PM sessions will be £12 and for the full day it will be £24.

Winter Weather

Please can you make sure your child has a warm winter coat for playing outside.  Playing outdoors is vital to your child’s development.


If your child stays for a full day session please send a packed lunch and put their name on their lunch box.

Session times:

  • Morning 8.30 – 11.30
  • Afternoon 11.45 – 2.45 
  • Full day 8.30 – 2.30

Next half term is 14th February we break up at 2.45 pm Friday for 1 week we return on the 24th February at 8.30 am Monday.